A story of refreshing

Meet Kashmere

Hey there,


I’m Kashmere, although mostly everyone calls me Kash!


I gave birth to my first daughter in 2014 along with my brand, The Motivated Mom! 


I had no clue what God had in store for me. The birth of the Motivated Mom was been being manifested for years. Every idea and goal I have held onto in business has been stemmed around it! 


I am so happy you are tapping into this journey with me!


 The Motivated Mom is a brand to connect with so many women in all fields of life, it’s no Discrimination here! 


I have been the divorced wife, the single mom and the broken women but I didn’t let that define me. God knew what he was doing allowing me to go through all of those experiences so I can connect with you! Not only did I triumph through all of that, I have been serving this country since 2012! 


As my career with the Navy is coming to an end soon, I plan to expand my multi passionate journey.


The Motivated Mom has so much in store for women from all walks of life, you just wait and stay tuned.


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