The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning for Busy Moms

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Hey Moms!

Kash here.

I know that cleaning while raising children, building empires, and working full-time can be an overload of responsibility. But I have a solution to your problem. As you may know, I am a mom of three beautiful daughters. Staying on top of a clean house was tricky until I implemented a cleaning schedule that changed my life, and it will change yours too! Let’s jump right in…

1. I clean every day. Wait! I know you almost stopped reading this post, but hear me out. Yes, I clean every day, but I don’t deep clean.

 I wipe my counters and tables down daily. This keeps my kitchen in pristine condition,

and also eliminates germs and bacteria lying on those surfaces. With COVID-19 still on

the rise, I want to ensure the safety of my family. I also sweep and mop my kitchen


 I wash one load of laundry per day because let’s face it… there are five people in my

household. Laundry is always building up. Washing one load, drying and folding them

helps my household stay organized. I also use this as a tool to teach my girls

responsibility, independence and cleanliness. Once their clothes are folded, they have

to put them away in their own dressers.

2. Each week of the month I clean a new room. For example, one week I will focus on the kitchen. I wipe the cabinets, clean appliances, and do anything else that needs to be done. Since I wipe my counter tops

and tables down daily, sweep and mop, there is less for me to do when it comes to focusing on one room at a time. The next week I will focus on the bathrooms, and so on.

3. I use one cleaner for every room. Yes, you read that right. Say goodbye to the days of using multiple cleaners to get the job done. I have formulated my own organic products that I use in my home. My All Purpose Cleaner can be used in every room of your home and any surface. I also have developed a Disinfectant Cleaner that can be used to wipe away bacteria and gems.

With the winter months approaching, and of course with COVID-19 affecting our lives, it is now more than ever important to disinfect your home.

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Download my complete Monthly Cleaning Guide below!

I hope my guide to cleaning will make your days less stressful!

Which part of my guide will be the most helpful for you and your family?

Cleaning Schedule @themotivatedmom_
Download PDF • 91KB

All Purpose cleaner (GLASS)

All Purpose cleaner (GLASS)






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